Location: Sciacca
Region: Sicilia
Sicilia Province: Agrigento
Inhabitants name: Saccensi
Population: 40848
Patron Saints:
   Maria SS. del Soccorso; San Calogero
Typical products:
   Ceramic art, preserved fish; Oil, wine



Itinerary monumental - Flowered with the Arabs, Sciacca is an art city full of churches, monasteries, fortresses and palaces ranging from Norman times to the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque to 700. Among the most beautiful and unique the Steripinto, built in the '500 live in a compendium of styles.

  You can also visit the Museum of Scaglione's house, which has valuable collections of paintings, prints, sculptures, pottery and porcelain, archaeological finds, coins, corals and crafts, which testifies to a passion for collecting and taste not only belonging to the province.



Ceramics, tiles, paintings, wall decorations: the '500 and '600 teachers required potters Sciacca in Sicily for his meticulous production in the glazing and painting of fantastic and strange drawings, raising a Sicilian ceramics authentic expression of art.




Very rare and unique color (salmon pink / orange), Sciacca coral met for the first time in the second half of the 800 (according to local legend), the news spread rapidly and between 1875 and 1880 were extracted near 9000 tonnes by the boats of Trapani

and Torre del Greco, who realized this and made raid.



The oldest of Sicily - In the false world of myths and folkloric traditions as a tourist attraction, the theater companies most sophisticated and most managerial organization of festivals, Sciacca slave and devotees of an authentic tradition that amazingly survived the wear caused by modern life ....

  Carnival ... a peculiar phenomenon of enthusiasm and participation, where the mask, inventiveness and the representation of satires in verse, which reveal an overwhelming desire for authenticity.  

The Spa


The lair of Dedalus - This is the oldest hot spring resort of Sciacca, which can be seen on the mountain Kronio: a cave of rare beauty (now part of the Grande Albergo delle Stufe), which makes the imagination galloping trough fantasy, a fortunate combination of nature and art to justify more than

the great reputation she enjoyed the thermal baths of Sciacca, in times when thermal treatments were much more widespread than today. To enhance the beneficial qualities of water, another building was built in 800 in the Valle dei Bagni (old baths) and the start of the 900 stylish hotel in the green (New Baths).
Antrotherapy - Among the famous stoves, the atmosphere is rich in water vapor and reaches a temperature of 40 °, effective for the treatment of arthritis, gout and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.
Mud - The sulfur salt-bromine and iodine, which flows at a temperature of 56 °, is the basis of clay, effective in treating some skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, etc.).
Inhalation - The sulphurous water, with salts of bromine and iodine, which flows at a temperature of 56 ° is also effective for the treatment of bronchial asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis and otitis.

Landscapes and monuments

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